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Darkness Rises


I pledge myself to the siren songs of the dead, and contemplate sloughing the weak mortal coil to embrace the cold purity of the path of the Necromancer

Write 4 subs 3 subs
Start 1 necromancy/undead topic in the forums,
Read, vote and comment on  5 3 1 undead/necromantic related subs by others
Must have no less than 3votes with a 3.5 of higher or 4 votes with a 3 or higher on cult admission subs
Must Upvote no less than 10 9 7 comments on subs pertaining to the undead, not of your own creation

Upon completion I shall forsake my mortal name to become the Acolyte, the Dutiful Son of Dischord

Acolyte Dutiful Son of Dischord – Level 1 Necromancer
STR: 2 | END: 2 | CON: 3 | DEX: 2 | CHA: 3 | INT: 3

Current guild quest: Necromancer's Cult Quest - Acolyte

That is an awesome name. This quest still fills me with trepidation, as do those that have joined the Quest so far.

I approve of your petition and await the day when you cross the darkened path into True power.

Dutiful Son of Dischord is the eldest son of the Queen of Crimson Regret, an Abyssal Exalted high priestess. He has a half sibling in the First and Forgotten Princess of Sorrow, a revenant/necromancer


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