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Ylorea's.....The Ylorea....Dammit! Ylorea's a really hard na

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I'm not going to say what I am thinking...

I feel honored by all your response and encouragment.

I am sure many a time I would like to draw upon the resources offered here in the citadel or the knowledge gathered here in these places of chatter and idleness, though many a smart thought has passed in the different threads as well.

Again I thank thee all for thy warm welcome.

Yours sincerly,


Sips his own sake and sits back down crossing his legs and seting his swords at his feet. "a very nice place this Teolin I like it alot." sighs and looks around. "is there a cook in the house?"

:oops:  :oops: hmmmm, I just realized what my post referred to :oops:  :oops: . I meant nothing but a longbow in terms of weapons! He is wearing a green tunic and...heck just look at the picture!

(OOC: heck its ok snipe were all human :wink: )


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