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Cartography, or more specifically (or less specifically?) Geography, is my middle name! Well, not my *actual* middle name (can you imagine?) but you know what I mean. I love locations! I love writing them, reading them, visiting them, and uh--locating them!

At this current moment, i am up to my neck in minion-hood. I just joined some weird new collective who call  themselves, the Strolenati,  "St'ROH-leh-naughty", and have vowed to join the beard-brothers over at the Dwarven Guild (have to hurry up too, I am the Guild Leader  :))

As soon as I am done with that, I will return, and join your wonderful guild of explorers!!

great! The more cartographer, minor minions, there are, the better! Hurry up and join soon. I need someone to pledge themselves to the brotherhood of cartographers so Strolen can give me a forum.

Site being down and me getting home late today, wasn't able to get to your graphics. Tomorrow is a normal day so shouldn't be an issue getting it done tomorrow. Will make the signature graphic as well as a banner add for the main site!!

Bam. Icon and banner graphic uploaded to main site. If you don't like it, you are welcome to create your own!

Thanks, Strolen! It looks great.  :D :up:


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