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Glad to be aboard!  :D

I shall endeavor to map faithfully all I survey.

Huzzah!!! Sweet job!

I've decided that I want to be a cartographer.  Three votes, four subs, and a 3.5 average, was it?

So, to join do I just announce it here?

And I'm undecided.  Should I detail the Dembraava Wilds ( or start detailing some other section of Centerra?  What do you think, dear reader?

Forganthus, normally you start your own thread under whichever Guild you want to join to announce your intentions. Then you use this thread you started to keep track on your progress etc.
Personally, I like the Dembraava Wilds well enough so far as dark places go but I'm also curious to see other locations as well. (Have you written up any yet? I haven't been keeping track of all the Canterra subs but I think I read quite a few of them)

I am ready for my work to be weighed and measured to determine if I am deemed worthy!


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