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The Guild of Cartographers:
Also known as the guild thats better than the rest, we cartographers chart out all the world. Why? World Domination. Knowledge is the medium to dominate the world, and knowledge of terrain (for wars, etc) is a crucial piece of that. The only reason why we cartographers sell maps to those clueless schmucks is that we may not have, shall we say, all the, uh, necasary funds for the, uh, merc army we would need for domination.

To join the best guild, one must make THREE LOCATION SUBS, to gain the experience of field labor, exploration, and struggle that our minions, the explorers, go through, and the struggles they fought through to bring back the map you hold in your hands. You must also show great quality in your penmenship, and so one such of the above subs must be voted 3.5 OR HIGHER UNTIL YOU FINISH THE REMAINING REQUIREMENTS. What is the point of holding a map in your hand if no one can read the name of the city two and two tenths of a mile in a north north westerly direction? But old news is just that- old news, and thus has no effect on everyday life, which is why your maps only need to stay current until you finish joining. But perhaps most important of all, one must gain a good sense of where things are. As such, one must VOTE ON THREE LOCATION SUBS. How else will one know where the unknown places are (to send explorers) if you know not basic geography? But a fourth requirement is also needed. As cartographers, we need to know of the people in foreign lands. How will they react to our brutal take over? Do they have a primitive form of bio-warfare? How do there blue berry muffins taste? What are there gods? As such, a cartographer must write ONE SOCIETY SUB. And this society can include other intelligent race's cultures. And for all subs pertaining to the noble art of cartography, you must ADD THE FREETEXT 'CARTOGRAPHY GUILD.'.

Once you have joined the noble guild of cartography, go here:,6377.0.html.

Rewards Upon Completion:
Entry of the Cartographer's Guild
Title of Cartographer, Minor Minion
Three stat points (if all ready part of guild), else normal amount
   -Cartographers must have an intelligence of four or more. If not so, then points must be put in until it is so.
Permission to Submit Entrees into the Magnificent Maps Match
   -Pledges are allowed to vote in the Match. All cartographers and pledges are expected to vote.

Hierarchy of the Guild:
Level one--------------------minor minion
Level two--------------------middling minion
Level three------------------median minion
level four--------------------minion
level five--------------------archivist's assistant
level six---------------------archivist
level seven------------------copier's assistant
level eight-------------------copier
level nine--------------------manager
level ten---------------------branch office head

Join us, one and all. Sell maps and conquer the world with us! We have cookies.
Or buy a map. Only $2.50 for this most recent political map of the war-torn southern plains! But come quickly, because we're sure it'll change!

Do you have a graphic in mind for this one?

I do like it!

Maybe just a fantasy-ish map? It is a guild of map-makers, after all. Maybe a roll of parchment with some trees and castles and stuff on it.

Spent my time making the sweet ass ajax script on the homepage to load more main submissions. Badger yourself a follower. Once you have a minion working on this quest, I will hook you up with your own forum and put together a graphic!! All they have to do is reply to this thread that they are joining your guild and you are golden!

I shall take this to heart. There will be a Cartographer, Minor Minion, soon! :twisted:


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