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*OFFICIAL* Necromantic Cult (The Anti-Guild)
This quest is for the requirement for 1st Level to become an Acolyte in the Necromantcer's Cult.

The path to gain the Title of Necromancer is long, dark, and unforgiving. It is full of creatures that give even the stoutest of adventurers pause, and the hardiest dwarves nightmares. One misplaced runic symbol or incantation can mean your ultimate doom. No, not death. Death is far to easy for those who fail. But to become that which you force control over, the ultimate punishment.

Necromancer's Requirements.

* Write 4 subs (from the following list)
   Famous Necromancer
   Famous Hunter of Undead
   Famous Death Cult
   Unique Undead
   Item Pertaining to Necromancers
   Item Pertaining to Undead
   Ritual or Spell required to create, deal, control, or summon Undead.
   Undead Diety or Pantheon
   Ecology of Undead
   Treatiese on Necromancy
* addendum: Instead of writing four different and unique subs, you can write three subs and tie them together so they are inter-linked. This will count as extra effort and will also give an additional 1 point in stat increase when reaching level 1 Cult Member/ Acolyte.
* Start 1 Necromantic/ Undead topic in the forums.
* Read, vote, and comment on, 5 Undead/Necromantic related submissions by others.
* Must have no less than 3 votes with a 3.5 or higher, or 4 votes with a 3 or higher on your first three submissions regarding the Cult. Afterwards, all subs pertaining to the Cult shall keep a vote of 3 or higher or questions about your loyalty will be brought to the light, respectively.
* Must upvote no less than 10 comments on subs pertaining to undead, not of your own creation.
* Must add "Necromatic Cult" freetext on all subs
On completion of the requirements you will earn the following.

* Title of Acolyte
* Create a new Necromantic/Undead handle for yourself once you achieve 1st level for the purposes of this cult only that you can add to your signature to strike fear into the weak Souled.
* Upon completion of requirements (entrance to cult) you will receive 6 stat increase points to distribute at will. With the requirements set as follows.
* Must assign yourself at least a "3" at first level in Charisma, Intellect, and Constitution, respectively. This is to prove your mind is stronger than your weak and frail body.
* On completing the requirements for entry into the Necromancer's Cult and attaining first level, any cult member may go back and add the "Necromantic Cult" freetext to all undead/necromancer subs previously authored by them self. (co-authored work must be gain the approval of the contributing author(s)) Every 2 subs freetexted in this manner will count as 1 sub for future level requirements.
* The right to add the Necromancer icon to your signature.

*Please be aware that the path of the Necromancer is not an easy one, both on the mind and soul. Join this venture at your own risk.

You definitely earn the Acolyte title. Holy Shnikes, those are some badass requirements. I LIKE IT! Never wanted to be so evil before now. It must wait for the Dwarven Quest to be finished and then I will probably wallow in this attempt for months!

Nice cult!!

The song of the Dead is not an easy Path my child. Only the strong of mind can hope withstand the punishment needed to surpass even the first hurdle of accomplishment. But if you can, you will be among the all powerful who calls death to your door and summons him to do your bidding.

Couldn't let these get lost:

Chaosmark: Chaos, Destruction, and Unholy Terrors shall be unleashed upon the world!
Mourngrymn: I see you have taken up the call of the darkend path my son
Chaosmark: May the blood of thousands paint the ground in a glorious mosaic of destruction.
Chaosmark: Oft do the uncommitted desire to learn the secrets of true power without realizing that such is attained through a struggle, fighting with the Reaper itself to wrest away control of death from its skeletal hands.
Chaosmark: Such is the demands of the True Path.
Mourngrymn: So the Truth is spoken, and only the Pure shall find salvation in the darkness.

I remember the old days, when you had to be ALIVE(!!) to start or join a friggin' Guild! There goes the neighborhood. Just kidding, this Guild sounds death-defyingly delicious!

May all of your dark souls rot along with your flesh.



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