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Strolenati Quest - Knowledge of the Past

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I would like to pledge myself to this quest. However I also find myself needing clarification (or some IQ pills); I don't fully understand the 5in5 concept. Or maybe I'm reading it wrong.

After reading it, it does make sense, but then I feel really stupid again? (wtf is wrong with me..)

Could you explain it to me as if I were Forrest Gump?

As far as I understand it, this is like the 5in1 Quest (where you write 1 sub that incorporates 5 existing sub eg. you write a dungeon sub and you incorporate 5 subs from other ppl on various items, creatures that can be encountered, NPCs that form part of your party etc. OR you write a massive plot sub that involves adventures at locations posted by someone else, add some NPCs/lifeform encounters based from other ppl's etc.). Hope that's clear enough (Sometimes my writing lacks clarity).

The 5 in 5 part comes from the additional requirement that the 5 subs all have to be more than 5 years old. At the same time, Strolen has also relaxed the challenging nature of the 5in1 in that you don't have to use just 1 sub to incorporate the 5 older than 5 year subs. I'm checking with Strolen to see whether he has in mind a max sub. cap or not on this respect i.e. can you submit 5 subs that each link to 1 older than 5 year sub and have that count?

I think I sort of get the gist.

Having the same sub as another user will not be permitted I take it? e.g. you both have 1 of the same sub in your collection? etc etc

Updated the parent post a little to help clarify some of this discussion.

GOOD LUCK! It will only be a little embarrassing if somebody else beats me to level 2 in my own guild. ;)

You mean, someone other than yours truly?

P.S. I'm in the same position, with Elbin declaring for the Journeyman's quest in the Weavers.  I have got to finish the Divine Synod quest soon, so I can try to beat him to the punch!


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