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Knowledge of the Past

Strolenati Quest
The visitors and residents of Strolen's Citadel are always moving about and delving into places once abandoned. Many a restless adventurer has continued to explore those areas where all was thought to be known and come out with small treasures, arcane lore or hints of previously unknown dangers. Such it was when a small group of companions went on a short excursion to explore the ruins of the West Tower, the initial location for the original Citadel, which was simply a small guard tower before the trade routes changed and it lost its strategic merit. The West Tower lies about a days journey in a lesser traveled portion of the land. The area holds only some small patches of woods which isn't very great for hunting...or much else. So, it is no wonder that not many go far out of their way to visit the area.

On this trek, however, the crafty ranger in the group noticed a small rivulet that dug a small rut through the stone and disappeared beyond some decayed granite. With a mix of magic and brawn, the crew was able to excavate a crevasse that revealed a tight, tomb-like entrance. Through a short series of failed attempts, they eventually got the smaller of their crew to squeeze through. The entrance was dangerously cramped with little ability to widen it without a severe threat of a cave-in. After a couple dozen feet down dirt, rock and some damaged stairs, a small store room was revealed!

Quest of the 5's
1. A Submission that links to 5 other subs that are older than 5 years.
- The key is to use 5 older submissions to build yours and use their ideas inside your own submission.
- You can use more than one submission to do it if you like, as long as 5 submissions are eventually linked to your new subs.
- Use the Freetext Strolenati Guild on these subs.
2. Comment and Vote on 10 submissions that are over 5 years old.
3. Comment and Vote on 10 submissions by 5 different Authors that are no longer active.
- Bonus stat points (2) if that author actually comes back after you comment on it!

Stat Bonus Reward: 5 stat points and you earn another level.

Don't forget to pledge yourself to this Quest by replying to this thread and updating your own Quest thread on your successes!

Good Luck!

To clarify:
Each numbered item is a separate tasking. No overlapping of comments between 2 and 3, you need to comment and vote on 20 submissions.

On The Submission, the key is at least one new submission. If you can link to 5 old subs from the one submission in a quality way, then go for it. -Or- you can write more than one new submission and link back as much as you want. Write 3 subs, linking 2, 2 and 1. Or 2 subs linking 4 in one and 1 in the other, or 5 subs with 1 link each. As long as you get 5 old links in any number of subs, you are perfect. I don't care if the subs are linked elsewhere or anything else, the only rules are as stated, the sub has to be older than 5 years, everything that old is fair game.

Not active is a red activity status on the left stat bar. Ignore anything else, if they are red, they are inactive.
A returning member is one that posts any written communication MINUS THE CHATS. Comments, forum, sub, whatever. The return will NOT cancel out any subs of theirs you used for the quest. (That would be messed up, you commented all over their stuff, they come back, now none of it counts because their activity turns green again.)

I seek the wisdom of those who have come before me.  Let it be known that I, Dossta, hereby pledge myself to this quest!


--- Quote from: Strolen on September 23, 2012, 04:57:00 AM ---
3. Comment and Vote on 10 submissions by 5 different Authors that are no longer active.
- Bonus stat points (2) if that author actually comes back after you comment on it!

--- End quote ---

What are the requirements for an author to be "no longer active"?  Last Sojourn?  Last Submission?  Likewise, what are the requirements for a  "comeback" -- are we talking a full submission or a forum post? :P

Inactive color on their submissions which is (86400 * 7 * 4 * 6) seconds which is about 6 months since their last visit.

If they come back and post anything in the forum and/or main site it counts as a comeback. I might give half bonus for them appearing.

Before I jump into this, I need a clarification on rules:
When you say more than 1 sub can be used to link to 5 sub older than 5 years, is there a max. cap? Can one write 5 subs that each links to a sub that's at least 5 years old to fulfill the requirements for this particular Quest?


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