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I can almost taste it now. Strolenati Guild, here I come.

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Thank you. So you're saying val gets to keep his "cheat points"?    :P

The Guild council is in discussion with the Dwarven Guild who is waiting for a call back from their gnomish secretary who is trying to get volume II away from a fire troll.

Or he might read this thread and fix it himself in which case the four deaths (and counting) from the fire troll would have been completely unnecessary....but they are only gnomes.

Problem is, that removing the 5 points will render me ineligible for entry to dwarf

 4. Must assign yourself at least a "3" at first level in strength, endurance, and constitution, respectively (Int, etc is less important to us Dwarves)

Perhaps relaxing that requirment is in order.

That is only if that is your initial Guild you are joining. If you are a level 0 BH, when you pass the Dwarf Guild as your initial Guild, you will have to assign them like that. For you, and me for that matter, when you finish this Quest you follow the second set of rules about the 5 points he is offering.

If there are any rules that keep you from doing something, then we will change the rules! We just want to have some minimal rules to keep the guilds under some kind of control. But there shouldn't be anything restricting you from doing most things.

May I now have my hard-earned, well-deserved Strolenati Guild icon thingy? :D

nearly-Human Strolenati – Strolenati Guild – Level 1
STR: 2| END: 2| CON: 2| DEX: 3 | CHA: 3 | INT: 3
exploring the mysteries of the Strolenati, one secret at a time


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