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The other thread may have been too long and distracting but it will continue to evolve. Here is the quick reference sheet for the need to knows.

1. You can only join one quest at a time. (you can eventually be a member of however many Guilds you want, one at a time.)
2. You must start your own thread in that guild forum declaring your honor and a slice of toast to that quest.
-- All subs, comments, etc can *only* go towards the declared quest. You have declared yourself to them after all.
-- No double dipping, double dating or doublemint gum. Only one quest at a time!
-- Once your Quest is finished, you are released and able to pledge to another Quest.
-- If you don't finish a Quest, you must beg for release from the Guild's Master and may have to provide a service to earn your release.
3. The Guild Founder (moderator) makes the rules. That word is final. If you don't like it, make your own Guild and get some followers!
4. Stubs and short challenge subs (100 word, short and sweet) will only be counted towards quest completion if explicitly stated in the specific quest rules.

Your First Quest
1. If you are NOT in a Guild yet, you have NO status yet. You are a Barbarian Horde at Level 0
2. You must declare your attempt at a Quest by posting a reply in that Quests topic and announcing your intentions.
3. Start your own topic in that Guild to discuss/blog your trials and tribulations and beg for attention/votes/etc.
4. Once completing your first ever quest, you get 18 points to share between the stats (As long as you have 6 stats, we don't care what they are. Use your favorites) and you can add the signature.

Additional Quests
1. You cannot join an additional Quest till you finish the first or are released.
2. The Guild Leader (for Quests beyond the joining Quest) will assign points earned upon completion for them (max 5 per quest depending on difficulty...3 is normal and acceptable. 5 should be tough as dragon skin).
3. Once finished, depending on the Guild Leader, you should earn the stated stat points.
-- If you had weak posts he may assign partial points for lack of effort which you can argue or try again to appease the Guild Elders (other Guild Leaders).
4. Successfully completing additional quests after your first earns you +1 level and any stat bonuses the Guild Leader assigns to that Quest.
5. Once you are in a Guild, Joining Quests for other Guilds simply count as additional Quests.

Guild Leaders:
1. You must assign a specific Quest that gives entry to your Guild.
2. You may assign bonus points to stats up to an additional 1-5 stat points per Quest, depending on the difficulty.
3. Any person may start a Guild of any kind. It will gain a forum if it gains followers.
4. As the Guild Leader, you better d**n well be the first one to complete your quest. If you don't, you will have to fight for your Guild against the usurper and see who the Guild Elders support.


A few updates, nothing drastic.

After finishing a quest, is it alright to put more than one guild freetext on a submission?  For example, some of my Strolenati Guild submissions qualify for the Weavers Guild freetext, now that I have earned the right to put that on my old subs.

My vote would be that would be an illegal motion. Penalized 20 yards. A quest sub is only good for a single quest.

However I am also always pro linkage. There might be a need to create a work around.

That's the kind of wishy-washy answer one would expect from a double-dipping guildsman :P



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