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Valadaar Staggers in....

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A quaff of fine Dwarven Ale, and one thing led to another and...

Upon successful completion I will be able to use the following in my signature block.

   Human Strolenati Level 2 – Dwarven Guild Level 1 Strolenati Guild – Level 1
STR: 5 | END: 5 | CON: 6 | DEX: 2 | CHA: 4 | INT: 3
Aka Dorak Stonehammer

I welcome you, fellow aspiring beard-brother! Some day, the minstrels will sing songs of Dorak Stonehammer's mighty deeds! (incidentally, your Dwarven first name means "idiot" in Russian  :P)

Check your shaving razor at the door, pour another ale, and immerse yourself fully into the Dwarfness!

I fail too see the problem here... :)

Ok, voted on, commented and read 3 dwarven subs.
Started a discussion, though somewhat simular to an existing sub.
Couple subs in progress...

1 sub down. Two to go...


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