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Quest Voting: Kaiju and Giant Monsters

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Chimera Prototype Mk-XXIII by Mystic Moon
The Hellephant by Dossta
The Moon Hunter by Scrasamax
The Qualm by OmegaDraco
The Shadowbeasts by caesar193

And, in honor of the Scrasaquest, there will only be 1 vote per person!

Vote for your own destruction!

If you are in the Quest Finals and want to win
--you MUST vote in the poll
--and NOT vote for yourself

I had a real pickle of a time choosing this time.  Good entries, all!

Strolen, we have a lot of newbies right now.  It might be a good time to rehash the voting rules for quests, or put a link to them somewhere.

Hell, do we have rules? :)

Last I checked.  If we're nominated we *have* to vote, and we have to vote for someone *other* than ourselves.  Otherwise we're not eligible to win.  Am I not remembering this right?  :?

exactly right


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