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*OFFICIAL* Dwarven Guild 1st Level Requirements

1. Write 3 subs (1 stub is allowed to count as 1 sub for this Quest. But only 1 stub allowed, 2 must be subs) on anything Dwarven related
2. Start 1 Dwarven-related topic in Forums for general discussion/discourse (hey, it may lead to another sub for you!)
3. Read, vote, and comment on, 3 Dwarven-related submissions by others (non-member subs allowed. If it don't smell Dwarven, let 'em have it! If it feels Dwarven, invite them to join our guild!)
4. Must assign yourself at least a "3" at first level in strength, endurance, and constitution, respectively (Int, etc is less important to us Dwarves)
5. Must have 3 or more votes on each of your Dwarven-related submissions
6. Must maintain a 3.25 or higher score count on ALL of your Dwarven submissions from this day forward.
7. Must add "Dwarven Guild" freetext on all subs

Optional Requirements
8. Grow a beard (you get bonus ability points. Checked with Skype quarterly)
9. Create a new Dwarven name/handle once you achieve 1st level for the purposes of this guild only. Must sound Dwarven!
examples: Beevor Burntbrow, Thripp Ash-Smoker, Stund Ironrod.

Note: Upon completion of requirements (entrance to guild) you will receive 5 stat increase points! to distribute at will (at least 3 pts must go to end, con, and str) and can use this graphic in your signature.

Remember, this is the Dwarven Guild. Entry should not be easy! You have to break a sweat first, before you can sit among us gargling ale and making fun of those "other" effeminate Guilds!

By Cairn's Ale. That be a right challenging Guild!!

I am building it it's own cavern system to work from.


Is that three new subs, or do past subs count?

For Level 1, they must be new (1 stub allowed, 2 subs). However, to achieve level 2 once you're level 1, you can go and add a Dwarven Guild Freetext to all of your pre-existing Dwarven subs, and voila!! Each 2 counts as 1 new sub for the purposes of achieving 2nd level. Bam! So, lets say you already have 6 existing Dwarven-themed subs somewhere out there. Add the freetext and you've achieved the "3"you need for 2nd level! Shazzam! If lets say you have 4 of those, then you simply count that as 2 and add 1 more new one. Cha-ching!

Hope all is clear now, Happy Dwarving!!


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