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Valadaar - Waking from Mathoms Stupor

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A long slumber.  Light?  Awakens.
Groggy at first. No, still groggy.  No matter.

Time to get to work!


I am going to join the Strolenati Recruit Quest.

Upon successful completion I will be able to use the following in my signature block.

   Human Strolenati – Strolenati Guild – Level 1
STR: 2 | END: 3 | CON: 2 | DEX: 2 | CHA: 3 | INT: 3

Quest Logging: (last 15 days)
Number Authour Upvoted: 10
Number upvoted comments: 1
Number subs/ratings: (votes / avg)

  you upvote 10 other people's comments or ideas


A world of insanity and wonderment is soon to be yours!!

Kick Mathom in the nuts Valadaar. Awesome on using all your votes in a day. That is getting harder and harder to do!!

Could use a couple of upticks this way too sir :P


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