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Strolen - Making the Initial Guild Leap

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Strolen drug himself out of his slumber, exited his chambers and walks up the spiral stairs, slowly, as he makes his way to the top of the Citadel. The sun is nearly up and the surroundings are dotted with quiet action. He walks the perimeter and faces each cardinal direction inhaling the morning scents and watching the early mists curl away.

It is a good day to start a Quest.

Itching his ass as the overused wool nightshirt tugged on a random hair he gives his body a warm-up shake and descends the stairs at double the pace ascended.

Time to get to work!


I am going to join the Strolenati Recruit Quest.

Upon successful completion I will be able to use the following in my signature block.

Squirrel Strolenati – Strolenati Guild – Level 1
STR: 3 | END: 3 | CON: 2 | DEX: 2 | CHA: 2 | INT: 3
Authentic Strolenite™©® | Llama is as Llama does.
Soon I will Come up with the Next Quest to Link here

And since I am the only one doing this at the moment, I can be all powerful and award myself the title of Guild Leader of the Strolenati. (Might be appropriate anyway :)

In the name of the Strolenati, I approve my joining the Recruit Quest and wish me good fortune.

Did OK on Day 1 of this Quest. I did a bunch of upvotes on comments, put in a few and decided on my submission. So at least I started. A little bit each day and I will eventually conquer the world!

Tomorrow going to a castle in Parma where they have a medieval reenactment festival. No jousting at this one but they are going to have about 100 folks shooting cork-tipped arrows at each other. That alone should be awesome!! So might not get much done tomorrow except for a few comments and upvotes.

Got home too late today and not spending much time online. Medieval Fair day and was pretty awesome. Watched some pretty good battles, skillful archery and some amusing bagpipe musicians. Finale of the day was we went to the tower of the nearby castle and they had a Falconer there with a Falcon. The Bird Show started while we were in the tower. Got some great shots of the Falconer standing between the battlements with the bird on his hand. Pretty sweet. So I am tired, lost of walking and bad nutrition.

Italians basically eat pork when they have a choice of meat. I have issues with pork, my tummy no likey, so I couldn't eat any of the grilled goodness. Ate some fried bread and that is about it, bad carbs!


5 upvoted comments or ideas on other's submissions
you upvote 10 other people's comments or ideas
1 Submission
-Must have at least 4 votes
-Must maintain a 3 or better
-Must have the Freetext "Strolenati Guild"
--- End quote ---

Started a little bit on the submission. Not sure which one I am trying for but they are both probably solid 5s so not sure why I am worried.  :up:

Getting quality comments to be upvoted will be more difficult than I initially thought. Not that I wrote anything worth upvoting yet, but it is difficult to do. Might have to resort to bribes.[/quote][/quote]


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