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Pics and formatting

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Every browser has an option to clear your cache. You can clear it explicitly through a browser-dependent menu, or you can do it for just the current page by pressing SHIFT+F5. That particular hotkey combination works in all three major browsers, though I've noticed that occasionally you'll have to do it twice to ensure the cache gets cleared and the page reloads using new data from the server.

I can't use shift F5, since I'm on a retarded type of laptop so I have to press function to get the F-keys to do what they are explicitly meant to do(and three buttons pressed at the same time just don't work), instead of doing some other shortcut related thing like changing brightness or what not. *sigh*

I did some digging, learned about F12, cleared the cache from there a couple of times, even cleared the cookies for the domain. The image just won't budge in IE.


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