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Pics and formatting

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Its definitely not you - tabs do nothing for me either.

Updated it again to the latest just in case. Found a promising variable that ended up doing nothing. I am convinced it is a bug in the plugin.

When I have more time, I will continue to look at it but right now, nothing I do seems to help at all.

I'm using a bunch of tables and numbered lists in the Spouse Generator. And random words keep turning invisible. When I go in and edit, they are still there, but they won't show up. It's not even the same words every time either.

I also wrote in a line break, and it worked in the editor, but once outside, it dissappeared. Course, with code, I'm a total novice, so that might have just been a mistake on my part. I wrote <p> <p/> to separate two separate tables. It looked like it worked inside the editor, but once out, gone.

Edit: *sigh* Doncha just hate it when it turns out it was all on your end? Stupid browser...

I am here now. If you can do an edit and point out the specific issues, I can take a look. Currently, I don't see anything that is missing or screwed up currently.

Got a Picture that keeps returning to its original size when I save the sub, it also resets the alignment. I tried putting it to the right, but it always returns to the left. Do I need to use code or something?


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