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That is easy enough to do.

Like I may have hinted at, I am sick of the constraints and trying to force everything into code. There are some things that, creatively, we can do so much better and have much more fun with. So if you think it is a good idea and can come up with a rule or a way to make something work, I am not going to say no.

I am trying to figure out how to start this train rolling however. I don't think I will be able to just throw up 6-8 Guilds, get people to volunteer as Guild Leaders and have it take off like a rocket ship. 6-8 Guild Leaders would pretty much exhaust all our active members. :)

So was thinking today we could start with a general Strolenati Guild and just sort of play with the thoughts we have and update/change them to the way it slowly turns out. The Strolenati Guild can have all these different Guilds under its overall umbrella. Then if we get traction in something, we split it off to its own forum and such. But for the near future, we can just play around with Strolenati levels.

Just thinking out loud before dinner. Haven't sat down and ironed anything out on that part yet but still plan to spend a little time tonight goofing off with the idea and brainstorming here.


--- Quote from: EchoMirage on September 04, 2012, 03:16:20 AM ---I'd say that elder authors could send guild applicants on quests - "writest thou a piece chiseled, a legend of a Sentient Starship, and thou shallst be rewardeth with death.. oh, sorry, XP".

--- End quote ---

I actually like that. I think that anybody should be able to put out a bounty for something, anything. It may not be an official Guild Quest, but a job. So maybe I have an advice requested sub that doesn't get love. Maybe they could give a 25XP bounty to assist in polishing or fixing it. It could really be anything. Scras could give a standing 10xp bonus from his horde for any ScrasTech additions. Extra XP for the most constructive comment on a sub. The ideas could be endless and, if you have XP, you can do it.

Did a few edits to other threads. Ready enough at this point to share the idea and see what the rest of the Citadelians think of the attempt.

Test for Mourn:

Given the nature and requirements of joining these guilds, I think we should pull the usual time constraint for completing a quest.  It would be tricky for me to complete four(+) full submissions, maintain the quality requirement, comment/upvote on other entries, etc. within the time cap and call it fun.  Is it possible to stop that one week, six day clock attached to the Guild's Quest?  What do you think?


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