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Yeah, my statement was too strong, though it reflected my mood at the time.

I had missed that provision on non-quest related subs. 

I may have been too harsh and/or too inexact with my chastising of Muro. It was a lot of fun but probably scarred him for life. This is my intent and if I led it all astray I aplogize!!

The Guild Quest on the frontpage....means NOTHING when it comes to the Guilds except extra XP during the time of the Quest. It was only meant to highlight the Guild to get people to start using it. Once the Main Page Quest is over, you simply won't get the extra XP with the subs but it doesn't change, restrict, affect the Guilds in the forum at all.

Second, if I misled, I apologize. You can write submissions all day long just for fun. I agree there should be no restrictions. However, none of those submissions will count towards the Guild Quests unless, obviously, they meet the Guild requirements. So I am doing the Dwarven Awesome Quest that is the Coolest Evaaaar but I write 12 elf submissions (it may happen). None of them count towards the Dwarven Quest and if there is an Elven Guild, none of them will count towards that either, even if they match it perfect. I am pledged to the Dwarven Quest so until I fulfill that requirement (or beg to be released), my other submissions are simply submissions. When I finally do my Dwarf Submissions, I follow the directions and get credit and finish the Dwarf Quest. Now if I want to do the Elven Quest I can only count those after the day I pledge. No reach backs.

Hope that helps! Sorry for the confusion. I take all the blame. Hell, look at my last submission. I obviously can't write plainly.

Now you tell me! I could have had, like, i don't know, maybe 94 more submissions by now!

I needed time to catch was the only way I stood a chance to win.

Thanks for clarifying that, Strolen.  I think this strikes a happy medium between dedication to the guild quest and author creativity.


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