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This was initially all hidden for a little bit while I worked on the very basic idea.

If we decide to support it then we will work out a few kinks and go for it.

Not sure if it is entirely ready for use, but it is close enough of to at least reveal it and see what people think. After all, I don't want to spend a ton of time on it if nobody wants to do it!

I think it can be fun though. Just a freeform way to start some challenges and get some other things happening.


--- Quote from: Strolen on September 03, 2012, 12:01:56 PM --- This is meant to fun. If it isn't fun then forget about it!

--- End quote ---

I think this here is the most important part. This is entirely a self-improvement, amusingly-fun minigame. Nobody is required to participate, but anyone who wants to can have at it.

Things that need handling:

* Base guild requirements
* Initial quests for members
Also, are we truly focusing on fantasy classes, or are we allowed to branch out to other genres? The majority will just choose fantasy-oriented classes, since that's what most people identify most with, but I know a few people here who would probably self-identify with a different milieu.

Definitely branch out.

It makes sense to establish a baseline Guild Entrance requirement across the board. Initially I was thinking each guild would come up with their own but I also don't want it to be too difficult to gain entrance.

So, maybe three subs in that genre to apply to the Guild. Then perhaps if they did decide to do subguilds, that is where the Guilds could get fancy with some more difficult requirements or a Quest to join that subguild or something.

Definitely need some ideas for the initial Quests. Before we just had numbers, like I just did above, three submissions. Now, if we do it this way, we have the opportunity to be very creative. It may boil down to three subs but there can be a story there for better fun and justification.

Maybe the quests need to be Submissions upon themselves that Guild Members can either add to the Quest Codex and/or suggested subs....or as Scras mentioned in another post, a freetext to link quests together...

I'd say that elder authors could send guild applicants on quests - "writest thou a piece chiseled, a legend of a Sentient Starship, and thou shallst be rewardeth with death.. oh, sorry, XP".

I think that might be even more interesting if Elder members can ante up their own XP for personal quests.


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