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I have loved the idea of Guilds since the initial creation of the Citadel back, well, a very long time ago. The initial inception had it broken up into the typical Rogue, Fighter, Cleric, Ranger, Magician categories that are the staple of fantasy. And I still love it all.
The initial idea was for me to code it into the main Citadel and have it all automated and such....but that may never happen as I am too often bogged down on making the basic functionality solid and more usable. I hesitate to add new features that do so much to the core of the site. I like this idea too much to not use it so I am going to put together some forum rules and see if we can make it work the old fashioned way.

Read this first: The quick and dirty rules.,6012.0.html
Those rules are easier to understand and more recently edited. I need to rewrite some stuff in this one to make them match. GO THERE FIRST.
This is meant to fun. If it isn't fun then forget about it!
Core Rules
-Pick a Race (it doesn't matter what at all)
-Pick a Guild (Now, this does matter a little more) Feel free to get creative. Use a class from any system you know, make one up or take a look here for lots of unique fun ones.

-Pick your starting Attributes.  Once accepted (which means you followed their rules and accomplished the defined quest) to any guild you can set up your stats. Until you complete a quest you might as well be a Barbarian Horde in the Guild system. When you complete your first quest you start with 15 points distributed however you want. These should somewhat match your current style of writing in the beginning but it doesn't really matter. Quests will be focused to help you increase different stats by trying different things.

AttributeDescriptionStrengthBoils down to the success of the core idea. Average vote gained on the submission.EnduranceQuantity of submissions and perhaps how long the submission are.ConstitutionAbility to take constructive criticism and work with it to make the submission better.DexterityAbility to combine other subs and ideas into a greater overall impact.CharismaHow well formatting is used to enhance the writing.IntelligenceWeaving a story around the submission to make it more entertaining and perhaps more useful.
Guild Quests
 Three main types of Quests.
 - Citadel Main quests. The occasional main Citadel Quests that are run on the main Citadel Sight are always open to all Guilds and will count for a level-up and 3 points to put anywhere. This is only on Active quests only, not going back and fulfilling an already closed one. One level per quest. Awesome if you do multiple entries but you don't get bonus levels for each of them.
 - Guild Leader Created Quests. Unique Quests that the Guild comes up with at any interval they so choose.
 - Guild Member Created Quests. It is HIGHLY encouraged that Guild Members come up with their own quests to challenge themselves. They can start a personal challenge quest thread and the Guild Leader just needs to approve it to make it official. Others can join once it is approved by the Guild Leader.
The Anatomy of a Quest
- Quest will have a concrete, attainable goal. It can be as specific or general as the Guild Leader decides. However, the Guild Quests should mirror the Guild's a point.
- Each Quest's attribute reward should match the type of Quest it is. For instance for the fighter let say the quest is create a weapon that receives a 4 or higher average vote after 5 votes. That success should have a strength attribute bonus to the completion. Or post 3 creatures in 7 days for the Ranger, that should have an endurance reward.  Can mix or match attribute bonuses.
- Each Quest will reward no more than 5 attribute points.
- Each Quest will reward another level to the character.
- Quests can be timed, nonrepeatable or open. If it is timed then the Guild Member must get the OK from the Guild Leader prior to starting. If it is open, they can join it and complete it at any time. If it is nonrepeatable then once the Quest time is done then that Quest is closed and the thread should be locked by the Guild Leader.
Questing and Leveling
-Everybody starts at level 0 and must complete the Quests to level up. Successfully finishing a quest allows you to join a Guild and gains you level 1.
 -You can declare yourself for one quest at a time and the quest must be approved by the Guild Leader to earn the points. So you can't use the same submission as parts of 3 different quests. You are on a single Quest and, until you quit or finish it, all submissions go towards the completion of that Quest.
-Every Guild will have different quests to fit their specialty.
 -Completing a Citadel Quest gives a level and a set attribute increase for any Guild.
 -Once you pledge to join a guild, you should create a thread in that Guild announcing you attempt and update as you desire. Every time you level up you should update that thread with what quest you won and how you distributed the points. Can also be used as a bloggish area for any observances about the quests you start or whatever.

 -Would be sweet if you created a signature with your class, attributes and level as well so we can see how you are doing. Most Guilds will have a demo of it to use.
Signature Example
 Race Class – Guild Name (or subguild or whatever)
 STR: 3 | END: 3 | CON: 3 | DEX: 3 | CHA: 3 | INT: 3
 Quote or Guild Motto or something
 Current Quest Link
Random Rules about Classes and Stats
- You can only join one quest at a time.
- You can join as many Guilds as you like as long as you complete each quest you pledge to. I could join 10 guilds, but cannot do them at the same time. It is sequential.
- Up to you to figure out how you want to display your Guild pride in your sig!
 -Partial Completion. If you want to quit. Will be up to the Guild Member and Guild Leader but partial points for partial completion can be allowed. You will not level up but perhaps some token attribute points for the attempt might be appropriate.
- Partial Completion part 2. If you want to quit, you cannot just quit while pledged to the Guild. You must ask the Guild Leader if you can leave. The Guild Leader, depending on their mood, can charge penalties, require an accomplishment or other forms of compensation for you leaving without finishing the quest.
Guilds run however they want. There will be a Guild Council of all the Guild Leaders so that if one Guild is creating all these simple things to do and unbalancing the leveling the Council should get together and decide what to do about it. But each Guild can create their own name, separate splinter Guilds under the main Guild that concentrate on different things or whatever they want. Depends on the folks involved and how they want to do it. Th
How it all Starts
 I have no idea, but we have to start it. It is the Manifest Destiny of the Citadel. It needs to be done!


Change. Striked out the dumb rule about only one Guild for 5 levels. What kind of crap was that? I want to try and join the Dwarven Guild after I finish my Strolenati Quest!!

Question; as well as being a member of the Strolenati Guild, can I also start my own to run parallel with it?

Yes, however it would be VERY embarrassing if somebody else completed your Guild requirements before you.

I am also waiting till the guild gets a pledge before I make it a full guild now. Guild Leader + 1 person actively pursuing it will be the new rule before I make the graphic and forum.

But definitely go for it! Prep it and keep it unofficial till you are ready to make it "live".


Grabs quill and parchment and scurries off to her accustomed place in front of the fire..


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