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Yeah baby, got the invite today from a brother Llama in the Army and am leaving Thursday for a Friday Schützenschnur in Mainz, Germany!!!!

Wish me luck!

Sweet! Congrats and have fun and best of luck!

Shot GOLD baby!! So get a fancy gold decoration for my troubles.

Shooting was moved to Saturday because the range safety officer died of a heart attack. What an unfortunate thing and a bad omen for the weekend. But it was an Awesome weekend in Mainz and Wiesbaden!! Awesome city with the greatest American Sports Bar ("Yours" is the name) that I have been to. Real authentic American food in American sized portions. Have NEVER found something on the economy so close to home. Hard Rock Cafe's included. I don't get home styled meals much anymore so it was a treat. German food is out of this world too, of course.


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