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Interest in WFRP (2nd Ed)

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For a few months now I've had a desire to run a WFRP campaign.

This will be my first RP as a GM, and I hope to make the best of it.

At present I'm just looking for players; 3, maybe 4 will should suffice.

Silveressa has already mentioned that she'd be interested.

I have several campain ideas but am not yet sure which one to pick. I figured I'd leave the picking the campaign until after players had been created. It'd be no use having a group of hardened soldiers in a high-magic campaign.

So, any interest?

Given that all games in the forum are currently on hold... I'd consider joining.

I concur, I'll play

As I said before, count me in!  :up:

That being said, I do not own WFRP or any books associated with it. I do have 40K and a couple of splatbooks, and I can google/wiki the rest of it


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