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I've had this submission in work for a while now and have just changed it to 'In Work, Advice Requested.

I struggle to write plausible backgrounds/histories for my Items and NPCs, this has always been a bit of a problem. I feel as if I keep tapping into all the old cliches; orphaned after a fire, escaped after capture for theft and is now fleeing etc..

I need some help with this one. I did throw around a few ideas with Silveressa in chat about a month ago but I no longer have the notes thanks to me selling my iPad.

@Sil, if you still have a copy of the notes could you PM them to me? You did send me some notes but they were for a different sub.

Back to the sub/idea. I'm fine with the character description, roleplaying notes, plot hooks and the like. I just need to find a way to give her that finishing touch, the plausible background, that which makes her who she is today..

The floor is yours fellow Strolenati..

The first thing that comes to mind is that I don't trust Stacja. She's working it, and anyone working it like that who isn't a prostitute is a thief.

So we have a mischievous polyglot who works the taverns. She should be out an about, working in a wealthy merchant's retinue or something like that. Instead she is nursing a lute in a tavern. Instead of having her come from some personal misfortune how about professional misfortune. She works the taverns because somewhere along the line being sassy and multi-lingual she insulted or offended someone with a lot of money and power and she now has to lay low or run the risk of being caught. This could be as minor as a point of pride and humiliation, or as serious as imprisonment or some other protracted punishment. I wouldn't go to the execution card, since if someone had a death threat over their head they wouldnt be playing the taverns 

Perhaps she was to be married off, and wants no part of it.

There isn't much to go off of in the actual sub to paint a good background. She seems just a garden variety wench. Scras really puts together something fun. Hope you use it. Here is another random thought though for the challenge of it.

As she struts her stuff, her brother cuts purses. He is much younger and prone to take too much of a chance. Sometimes it forces her to go a bit too far with her flaunting but it usually because her brother is being stupid. She is not a whore, nor wants to be, but she knows that she has what men want and she wants their purses. A necessary evil. Saving money to save somebody, buy a farm, start a business....

I've put this on hold for now. Busy RL.

I already discussed that idea with Sil, that was meant to be the original.

I will get back to this at some point though..


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