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Hyarr, Garek, what have yeh' been smokin'? Been eatin any o' that gas station sushi? Or did ya' drink some fouled grog?"

Lady Wiccan Wolf:
*Throws a popcorn ball at Garek*  Get yer eyes checked man...can't tell between a dragon and a wolf....silly creature that you are.

Welcome to...what's your name again? :P

Even IF you're right Garek, not that I agree with you, did you honestly expect us to expose the truth? Conspiracies are everywhere my friend and you never know when you'll end up in the middle of one.

...and on that note, welcome to the citadel cleckmoon :D

"Acturly, Cleckmoon joined a while ago, but fer some reason hasn't posted for weeks.....or months"

Whatever. :P


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