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That's a rather lot of ads. :)

Not that I don't appreciate the effort as it is sort of cool.

But you could also create a forum poll with all the options and allow changing of votes, remove options when used and keep the poll updated here.

Have you tried embedding it somewhere? PM me the embed  code and I can see if I can get it at least in the forum to see what it looks like.

I thought about creating the poll here, but had a few issues.  One, I don't think our polling allows for downvotes.  And two, I wasn't sure if there was a limit to the number of options we could create (there usually is).  Also, how would we handle the number of votes per user?  If this runs long enough, they'd eventually use up all of their votes and we'd have to create a new poll, wouldn't we?  All of that said, I'm happy to try creating the poll here if that is the Will of the Citadel. :)

It doesn't allow downvoting but why would you need it?

I didn't see a limit on how many choices a poll can have.
Give each user as many votes as you want.
They always have the option of changing their vote which would keep it fresh or if you needed to add more. (as long as you enabled the option to change votes)

I am fine with the way we are doing it though. Depending on our mood and the season, pick out a set that people are interested in and vote on them.

I was hoping to be able to shove that code in this thread but it won't work. I wouldn't really want to start a new page just for the poll either, thing is starting to get scattered. So not sure what we want to do with that at the moment. Leave it where it is and see if it get used?

Added the poll to the Citadel proper.  I think I would like to modify it a little though, and restrict it to 10 votes per person rather than 40 (since people can change their votes anyway).  Can anyone with admin access do this, or do I need to recreate the poll again?


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