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--- Quote from: Strolen on April 12, 2013, 01:29:41 AM ---Edit vote enabled.

--- End quote ---

Strolen, I edited the poll again to add in "Tales of Terror" (missed it the first time around, somehow), and the "Remove Vote" option disappeared again.  Am I doing something wrong, or will this happen every time I try to change this poll?

There is a check box to "allow edit votes" or something like that. I think it is unchecked by default so I just jumped in there and checked it.

Must be an admin-only option, then.  When I try to edit the poll, I only get the following options:

Result visibility:
    Show the poll's results to anyone.
    Only show the results after someone has voted.
    Only show the results after the poll has expired.

Vote visibility:
    Only forum admins can see votes.
    Only creator and admins can see votes.
    Allow everyone to see votes.

Allow vote comment:

Require comment for:
    Option 1
    Option 2
    . . .

Reset Vote Count Check this if you want to reset all vote counts to 0.

By the way, do you feel like starting another quest, or do you want to wait a bit longer?

I propose the following Quest Idea:

--- Quote ---Into the depths of the waters we once again dive. But these waters are not the great expanse of the ocean, no. These waters lie inland, and lacks the salt that defines the sea. This is a lake. So for this quest we shall tap into that most mysterious of things: the lake! Give us your mysterious lakes, your deadly ponds, your cryptic vernal pools. The sea isn't the only source of water in these parts.
--- End quote ---

So there you have it. Lakes, ponds, etc., anything that doesn't involve moving water, salt water, or swamp water.

Can we have an expand a scroll entry quest? another idea is a collaboration quest where winners are randomly chosen and the idea is to help push long languished public in-work subs and subs marked out in Val's Workshop region out to be full submissions with collaborator help (this idea arising from convo in chatbox with Muro and Longspeak about pushing languishing private in-works into public viewing).


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