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Quest Brainstorming Compilation *OFFICIAL*

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Legal question on the Genre Franchise quest: Is this one even do-able?  I know that a lot of people are picky about fan-derived work and intellectual property.  Just wanted to make sure it was OK to keep this on the list before I wrote up a summary for it.

Create a 30.
Sentient Clothing.
What the heck is that!

My top three choices in ascending order.

I like the Sentient clothing too. The problem I see in "What the Heck!" is that there will be some kind of subjectivity in choosing the image, and it can be hard for some people to write on it, and easy for others. On the other hand it may be the ultimate trial of imagination, so what do I know...

In that spirit, I think it might be worthwhile to choose two pictures and let authors choose one to work off of.

Just did some major reformatting of the main post.  Every quest now has a short explanatory blurb that will hopefully explain each quest to someone who is getting ready to vote.  Couldn't think of a blurb for two of them, but ah well.


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