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--- Quote from: Dossta on October 14, 2012, 12:09:21 AM ---The old 5-in-One quest got me thinking a little about adventure design, and I remembered reading something on about using a 5x5 grid to plot out a campaign.  To me, this sounds like a perfect idea for a challenging quest:

Original aritcle

So the quest would be thus: plot out a whole campaign using 5 quest ideas/seeds.  You must post the grid, and a short paragraph explaining each adventure you come up with (one for each cell in the grid = 25).  Remember that the whole point of using the 5x5 method is to create points at which your quests intersect, so don't plan on submitting 5 stand-alone quests in one submission.  They have to be interrelated.

What do you guys think of this one?

--- End quote ---

Neat idea!

Do we want to pick a quest?

Or we can do round 2 of Citadel Guild submissions and give bonus points for those again?

I'd prefer to pick off the list.  The guild quest was fun, but I like to have actual voting at the end of a quest.  Why don't you throw the top 5 into a random generator and see what we end up with?

"What the heck is that!?" Sounds awesome. If a suitable picture could be drudged up I think it would be a lot of fun!

Oooh, so when's the next quest start? Do quests start at any particular point in the year, or just when it's arbitrarily decided?


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