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Guns in your fantasy?


Guns in your fantasy?

Arquebrusiers, handgunners, frickin musketeers! Soldiers and warriors with firearms go back to the late middle ages and have appeared in some fantasy fiction (and in the Warhammer fantasy world). Have you used firearms in your fantasy adventure games? Would you if you haven't? How have you incorporated them?


Only did it once. one of my friends was the GM and it was a sort of wild west post apoc setting, it was a mess but it was our first year of RPGs. My character was a gunslinging engineer and while that might sound like Roland it was a decade before I ever read the Dark Tower, and it was inspired by the Sorcerer's Crusade material from white wolf. My character had designed a multiple barrel 'gun' that was bigger than a pistol, and not quite a rifle. It functioned like a shotgun because the GM ruled that it had to be horribly inaccurate, so I gave it six barrels. It could fire one barrel at a time or pull the trigger on all six for a Hail Mary attack. It ended up being really useful at point blank range, but to get that close, my non-armor wearing PC had to get within claw range. Last time it was used, I stuck it in the face of a juvenile dragon and pretty much blew it's head off. Then my character retired.

I've used them a lot in Warhammer Fantasy with various PC's, and even Ripped off the disguised canteen shotgun from Alien Resurrection for an old dwarf character, (which worked well for an unexpected escape when she convinced one of the nastier henchmen of the main villain to let her have a "final drink ta see me off" before an impending execution.)

In other fantasy settings where firearms were allowed I usually had my character conceal a derringer in a garter belt under her skirts for that last second distraction/final attack when all else failed.

Eric the Grey:
As a general rule, I don't use them in my campaigns.

I *have* however, thrown one or two in, as loot from a time-hopping session.  :twisted:

PC's try to figure out how they work. Roll dice, roll dice, Oh, look! It went off!  Roll percentile dice and tell me if your number is higher or lower than mine. 

Player: Why???

Me; To see if it is pointed towards you, or somewhere else...   :twisted:

Yes, I can be an evil SOB sometimes.  Not often, but sometimes...

 8) Eric the Grey

The tech tree in my Campaign is a right mess. For one thing, it is essential that observatories never become a reality, while still having glasses and spyglasses. But yeah, I've got musketeers, and gunpowder. Pretty rare stuff as only one nation uses it on land and the rest uses it only for naval cannons, but it doesn't work so well. So while a gun will do massive damage, you'll have to spend every other round reloading the thing, so it kind of evens out with more traditional weapons. Not to mention there's a slight chance it will blow up in your face.


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