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Kaiju and Giant Monsters!

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I like the idea of user defined quests (from,5869.0.html) and guilds (from,4082.0.html). Any chance of seeing those happening? There are so many quest ideas, and with the Strolenati at large having a variety of preferences, that there could be more turnout if multiple smaller quests were running at any given time.

Fixing the submission page became a priority recently. Redoing that and then will move on to the quests but it is definitely high on the list!

I'm not usurping the Summer Quest, this is a Scrasamax Challenge!

If you had any status here your word may carry some actual weight. Usurper.

Pre-summer quest. It is only July after all, not like it has gotten hot anywhere yet.

Dun. Ending August 1, we can do an overlap with another as we vote for this one. We have enough quest ideas now, lets just keep them rolling from now on!


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