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Enter, Break, Line Segment


Mirrors, and the trickle of blood down my spine,
Ringing, ringing, constant ringing under this ubiquitous rain,
Scratching numbers into these wooden-panels,
Fingertips are bloody, scratching, clawing,
Every waking moment,
Insomnia, three hours spread over ten days,
The slow and eventual decline of everything,
Spirals, the entire world,
Chaos theory,

Emergence of new patterns,
So cynical, and the mind of a crazed lunatic,
Spread over parchment,
The fabric of reality wearing thin,
And nothing more than an echo,
Like rain-drops, ubiquitous rain-drops,
Coming full-circle, but a new pattern emerges,

A delicate cycle,
And patterns, patterns everywhere,
The whole world as our stage,
Waiting, watching,
Whispering amongst the shadows,

We're hiding, and they're watching,
Waiting for the whispers,
Set fire to it all,
Too many pills by now,

Wash it down, away,
Away from it all,
No, just whispers now.

That's pretty grim!

(but "ubiquitous" used twice seems unnecessary :) )

Insert Keanu Reeves, "Woah" here!


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