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Cheka Man:
We've had birds, insects, what theme to use next?

fish of course.

The Shark, the Minnow, the Sword-Fish, the Lamprey...

Cheka Man:
1-The Remora Fish
2-The Shark
3-The Anemone
4-The Octopus
5-The Swordfish
6-The Electric Eel
7-The Minnow
8-The Leech
9-The Starfish
10-The Sea Urchin
11-The Codfish
12-The Kraken
13-The Salmon
14-The Trout
15-The Crab

(more later)

1. The Great White Shark
2. The Hammerhead Shark
3. The Mako Shark
4. The Tiger Shark
5. The Nurse Shark
6. The Reef Shark
7. The Orca
8. The Dolphin
9. The Narwhal
10. The Right Whale
11. The Sperm Whale
12. The Swordfish
13. The Marlin
14. The Flying Fish
15. The Penguin
16. The Herring
17. The Sturgeon
18. The Salmon
19. The Tuna
20. The Jellyfish
21. The Scorpionfish
22. The Angler Fish
23. The Gar
24. The Piranha
25. The Coelocanth
26. The Snakehead
27. The Bull Shark
28. The Goldfish
29. The Catfish
30. The Mackerel

Here it is, Cheka!


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