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Compiling a list of MegaCorps I want to import into my CthulhuTech inspired setting:

Union Aerospace Corporation (UAC)

Doom corporation, spaceships, teleportation, running space stations, and colonies on lunar bodies and Mars. A big piece of the Atlantic Federation and it's keystone in Space Supremacy. Located likely in the New Jersey area, likely has turned Jersey and environs into Corporate property, supplanting local civilian government with Corporate government.

Nova Robotics (NOVA)

Company that builds androids and robots, ranging from military models to things like menial labor robots to maintain sewer lines to etiquette and protocol aligned household companion machines. Ala Short Circuit. Located in California, and part of the Pacific Rim Coalition, but exports to Atlantic Federation, Amazonia, Kingdoms of Scandinavia, and other small groups.

Omni Consumer Products (OMNI)

Located in Delta City, Michigan, Great Lakes Republic, Omni is a wal-mart like mega producer, making everything from toilet paper to nuka box dinners to Dollar Store quality electronics. Higher end omni products end up in their cybernetic programs, ala RoboCop

Matsumoto Heavy Industries (MTSU)

ala Robot Jox, Matsumoto is a powerful corp in the Republic of California where it controls a large number of power plants as well as producing heavy machinery ranging from oceanic ships to civilian aircraft and industrial use mecha. They build a few military mecha but these are more trainers than actual frontline fighting machines.

MenTel Corporation

Ala Fortress, a smaller corp that operates for profit prisons and detention centers. Human experimentation, civil rights abuses, the whole nine yards. Based in the Atlantic Federation, most operations are held in third world regions where the violations of the law can be hidden or just ignored.

This has the potential to turn into a "30 mega corps" list with ease.  :up:

1. Union Aerospace Corp (Doom)
2. Nova Robotics (Short Circuit)
3. Omni Consumer Products (RoboCop)
4. Matsumoto Heavy Industries (Robot Jox)
5. MenTel (Fortress)
6. Cyberdyne Systems (Terminator)
7. Axis Chemical Company (Batman)
8. GeneCo (Repo! The Genetic Opera)
9. InGen (Jurassic Park)
10. Wayne Enterprises (Batman)
11. LexCorp (Superman)
12. Stark Industries (Ironman)
13. Tyrell Corporation (Bladerunner)
14. Yoyodyne (assorted)
15. Weyland-Yutani (Aliens franchise)
16. Rekall (Total Recall)

Oh come now. You totally didn't include Aperture; with the extensive facilities we see utilized in Portal 2, they totally qualify as a MegaCorp.

You also missed Umbrella Corp, of Resident Evil fame.

Veidt Industries (Watchmen)
Soylent Corporation (Soylent Green)
C. Montgomery Burns Industries (Simpsons)
Richie Rich, Inc (Richie Rich)
Cobra Industries (G.I. Joe)
Virtucon (Austin Powers)


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