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« on: June 18, 2012, 12:36:47 PM »
The Atlantic Federation has old ties to the Kingdoms of Scandinavia, and it also has a history of using the Kingdoms as a laboratory for projects that the general population of the Federation might not be too keen on.


Fimbulwinter is the overarching name for the Federation hypertechnology projects in the Kingdoms.

Super Soldier Program: the program is intended to create super soldiers who are able to use parapsychic powers and reflexive sorcerer without relying on a long training regimen as required for martial arts based parapsychic abilities. The end desired result is a six to eight month program that would turn an applicant into a parapsychic super weapon. An example would be SOLDIER from Final Fantasy 7, oversized weapons, unnatural agility, and reflexive magic use (pyrokinesis = firaga).

Summoning Program: Summoning spells are a high end weapon, with summoned non-corporeal beings being used a psychological weapons, or heavy firepower for special forces, rather than waiting on artillery, mecha support, or inbound missiles or gunships an agent can 'detonate' a summon, the beast materializes and rampages for a few rounds or a minute or so before dissipating or being destroyed. Some ideas bandied around: Odin, an armored warrior who has armor piercing strikes and can engage and destroy tanks and small and medium mecha, and damage larger vehicles. Another is Surtur, a pyrokinetic fire giant.

Shapeshifter Program: turns regular people into hybrids who can masquerade as normal but with a burst of energy can shift into a monstrous form, I was running with Grendel as a project name. The super soldiers are visible and known, while the Grendels are terror agents.
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