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Need some time away..


I will only be posting in Muro's ToG RP until, if I return.

I'm having a hard time as it is; new job, keeping on top of things financially and some personal matters.

My creativity as most of you no doubt realise is mediocre at best, I've managed to churn out one submission since returning and only been able to start another three which have now dragged to a stop.

Combine this heap with a certain member that low-votes for no apparent/lame reason(s), well I'm sure you get the gist.

There are a bunch of other reasons as well but I see no reason to make a full list.

It saddens me, but I need the break.


No worries, we all go through it! I have had a non-creative trend for about...well, a long time now.

My only suggestions is do what makes you happy. If taking a break, or leaving, is what it takes to get your enjoyment back then I am all for it. Just don't let one person's small opinion steal all your passion. You came here because you enjoy writing and thinking about this hobby. If the Citadel isn't the place that you can call home, so be it, but don't lose that creativity. Find somewhere to share it!

Good luck with everything you are working on and I do hope to see you return.

We all sometimes need a break, I know I've taken some of my own. Stress is one of the biggest forces that erodes my creativity, along with just not having the time I'd like to have to put into my writing. If you are interested in improving your writing and writing skills it doesn't hurt to drop a little bit of money on writing books, or books about writing (I have an entire shelf of them, ranging from the Big Book of Celtic Baby Names to Writers Digest) and that is something that can help you. We all have a niche, a voice, that we write, that we put ourselves into.

Don't give up, I'll second Strolen there without a question. Even if you don't stay here, don't let that flame go out. There simply aren't enough creative people willing to put themselves out there.

If you would ever like to collaborate on a submission, I would think that would be fantastic.

Good luck Kassy

Ditto what they said.  It's been great having you around, and I'm glad that you're going to try continuing with the ToG thread, just so that we can keep in touch with you.  As for hitting a low-point in your life and your creativity, don't sweat it; it happens to all of us.  I have disappeared for months at a time due to Real Life responsibilities, and I've also taken breaks because I felt burnt out with GMing and/or writing.  Just give yourself some time to recover and enjoy yourself!


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