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Well Ladies and Gentlemen,

I have been gone for awhile traveling here and there, always hearing the serine call of the Citadel, and yet never making it back.  However, my fortunes have changed, and not only has life calmed itself down, but I have found myself in possession of 6! players lives!

In view of this, I think it is safe to say that I will be here much more often and thought it best if I re-introduce myself.

I have almost never played a pen and paper RPG, and before starting my current campaign had only DMed once.  I was, an armchairist, so to speak, and having been moved to a new place in the world, set out to find like-minded folk, with families (has I have kids now), and in doing so, I somehow became the Gamemaster of our small group.  I have had a homebrew world that I have been working on for either a game or a book, and so thrust my poor players into that.  We are 4 sessions in and everyone seems to enjoy our times together.

All this being said, I will be asking questions and sharing thoughts a lot more then I have before...

Welcome back Anteaus!

--- Quote ---in possession of 6! players lives!
--- End quote ---

6 is amazing! I'm envious :)

What level Armchairist were you before dual-classing?

Welcome back, and glad to hear you found a new gaming group to share the fun with!  :up:

There's also some great articles on GMing around the citadel to help you, such as:


--- Quote from: Murometz on June 11, 2012, 09:22:33 PM ---
--- Quote ---in possession of 6! players lives!
--- End quote ---

6 is amazing! I'm envious :)

--- End quote ---

At first I saw this as 6 factorial and I was frightened. What could one do with 720 players? And then I realized I had outnerded myself and also became envious.

That is some serious outnerdyism...and funny!

I am very happy you refound us and hope you are able to snag all kinds of ideas to throw at your gaming group! Sounds like a ton of fun.


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