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New toy.

Will be slowly working on it for a little bit to just get some basic stats on it.

You can click on the table headers and sort on different rows to see you stack up in each column.

Can't test it well since I am on the original list, but everybody should be on the list when you visit.
Might be errors for those not logged in yet. No checking yet, just jumping right into it.

Following the links gives me a:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE in /home/strolen/public_html/lockmor/application/models/mstats.php on line 39

New toy, will be working on it for a bit....


Back up now but if you see my online, errors will be normal.

its working for me! (except my measly 6 idea seeds are missing :))

It'd be nice if it could give an absolute ranking instead of a relative one.  I'd like to know if I was #129 or something.  Maybe I can put it on my resume.


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