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--- Quote from: Silveressa on June 06, 2012, 01:57:11 PM ---
--- Quote from: Strolen on June 06, 2012, 01:35:33 PM ---But if you can think of a way to entice people to relook at old stuff, that would be an interesting puzzle.
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Hmm here's rough concept on how to make it happen in three relatively simple steps:

1:  Add in a column on the front page that highlights recently edited/updated subs so people can see what subs have been worked on recently.

2: Add  in a "Sub updated" button to allow authors to flag their own subs, indicating they've been updated. (similar to nominating a HOH sub but it only works on your own subs and restrict users to 1 per day +1 every 3-4 levels to keep it manageable) This way the author can flag their sub at the end of the update process when they're ready for  the re-vote/attention and it won't be auto flagged by minor grammar fixes, sentence additions, etc..

3: Give bonus (1.5x?) Xp for commenting/voting on the new sub to encourage people to give it another look and potential re-vote beyond "hey this has been updated!"

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I agree with Silveressa, we need an "Updated Submissions" section.

This has actually encouraged me to take a look at my old ones and try to improve them a little maybe.

We shall see :)

This might also encourage people not to delete to their low scored subs. 

Perhaps the powers that be can set up a rework or a edit quest.  It would  potentially exclude newer members, and it may have to include some process of selection or nomination. And it might be best to limit the number of entries per person lease somebody submit 10 years of unloved work.

Rough idea, take old, low voted or lows scored subs from still active people and have them submit again.

What about daily, personal quests after a person significantly updates an entry?  (Maybe the Citadel auto-detects* when more than 10% of the content in a sub has been changed?) Then, the Citadel gives you an old sub to rejudge, without telling you your old rating or the overall rating of the sub.  You'd have to come at it with a fresh look, sort of like the Daily Highlight thing.

This is a lot of work, though.  Silveressa's ideas actually seem implementable.  Is Strolen the only one that works on the site?

@Silveressa: You're dropping eggs of wisdom on my head.  That seems like really good advice; thank you.  I think I might expand a couple of the lengthy plot ideas from Evica into actual Plot subs.  Even if they don't get people rereading it, at least I'll have another chance to vindicate her.

--- Quote from: Strolen on June 06, 2012, 01:35:33 PM ---Nothing is ever wasted when you love the craft. :)

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Truth!  Romanticism is never wasted when you're talking to me.

*Now I'm picturing our Citadel fighting the Citadel from Half-Life 2.

Found this on my todo list and I love the ideas. Just thinking of the actual implementation. With the new author page set-up, there might be a possibility in there somewhere. Maybe on the main page of the type of sub it is. I think the frontpage is getting a little crowded though so not sure where to do it. Would only one updated sub a day be worth it as sort of like the extra XP sub of the day thing?

One minimal solution using current functionality that might help is the option to receive an email when an author adds a comment on an update. That way anyone who gets email notifications will become aware that there was an important edit.


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