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Do any of you guys suffer from arrogance?  I totally do.

When I notice that no one is commenting on my excellent subs I usually have to chug, like, three bottles of rum to calm down again.  And when they get low points I usually cut the monitor in half with my cutlass and throw it out the nearest porthole. 

But seriously, never be anything less than honest in your reviews.  Peer review sucks, if you aren't used to it, I guess.  It's just that I feel like I'm running out of A material.

Do you folks feel the same way, or am I the only one that gets this attached to my imagination's ejecta?

But seriously, Lady Evica deserves a higher score and I will have the crew flogged until it improves.

Are you drinking right now? :)

Your stuff is magical. You're money, baby!

I'm on to you! You change the type of dragon, as your avatar, a few times a week! Aces.

I've found (after editing several older subs over the years) getting people to revisit, (and more importantly re-vote!) on a sub after their initial read through & vote is all but impossible.

You might get one or two close friends to give it a new higher vote and extra comment, but by and large a sub will be measured by its first impression on people.

There was a time back in the day when people used to openly question low votes, and were allowed to ask for more feedback from people who gave brief comments, but  The Law of the Hammer (http://strolen.com/viewing/Law_of_the_Hammer ) has since discouraged such practices since it's introduction.

For better or ill, I've found it's best to simply abandon a sub after it's dropped off the front page and move on to a new work and fresh idea; rather then expend ones efforts perfecting a beloved creation in what is often a futile (and wasted) effort.

Nothing is ever wasted when you love the craft. :)

But if you can think of a way to entice people to relook at old stuff, that would be an interesting puzzle.

Right now, it might be worth throwing a shout out into the Sagely Advice or Fields of Challenge forums with a link to it letting people know that you did some extra work on it. Might get some extra love that way too.


--- Quote from: Strolen on June 06, 2012, 01:35:33 PM ---But if you can think of a way to entice people to relook at old stuff, that would be an interesting puzzle.
--- End quote ---

Hmm here's rough concept on how to make it happen in three relatively simple steps:

1:  Add in a column on the front page that highlights recently edited/updated subs so people can see what subs have been worked on recently.

2: Add  in a "Sub updated" button to allow authors to flag their own subs, indicating they've been updated. (similar to nominating a HOH sub but it only works on your own subs and restrict users to 1 per day +1 every 3-4 levels to keep it manageable) This way the author can flag their sub at the end of the update process when they're ready for  the re-vote/attention and it won't be auto flagged by minor grammar fixes, sentence additions, etc..

3: Give bonus (1.5x?) Xp for commenting/voting on the new sub to encourage people to give it another look and potential re-vote beyond "hey this has been updated!"


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