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Carve out your Destiny!! (or die trying)

--- Quote ---Recent Events/Common Knowledge:

The War of Kings rages on in Westeros.

In King’s Landing, young Joffrey Baratheon sits upon the Iron Throne. Cersei Lannister, his mother, whispers in his ear. Tywin Lannister, his grandfather, has just been named Hand of the King, after successfully repelling Stannis Baratheon, the Usurper, on the Blackwater with allies and wildfire.

Stannis retreats against his will, against the insurmountable odds, and heads north in his remaining ships.

Robb Stark, the King in the North and his liege-men are in the Riverlands, preparing the march south to King’s Landing to slay Joffrey and avenge his father.

In the North, at The Wall, ravens’ messages speak of great battle, some great assault by the wildlings, and their King-beyond-the-Wall against the outnumbered Nightswatch. Besides the Wildlings, it is said Giants have stirred from their earthen lairs, and worse, the Others, the very dead themselves have risen from their frozen graves.

Far across the Narrow Sea in Essos, beyond the Free Cities, it is said the Mother of Dragons, a rumored Targaryen, assembles an army of unimaginable proportions, to march upon Westeros and reclaim her birthright.

War, pestilence, and famine plagues the Realms. And worst of all, Winter is coming.
--- End quote ---

1. You do not have to be familiar with the world, its people, or even the current events, as much as you have to be familiar with the MAP of Westeros (and Essos). It really helps in this game to understand where you are, where you came from, and where you're going. Place names pop up often in game. Mourn has been kind enough to post a map, or you can find one on Google.

Of course, knowing the world does help, so feel free to peruse various websites on the world of GoT at your leisure, as we play. I'd also be happy to answer any and all questions, as we go.

2. As of right this second, I'm still not sure what system to use, but something along the lines of "simple and flowing". Will figure it out shortly.

3. The game will commence with POV's up until the time (hopefully) you all come together.

4. Time-wise the game begins at the end of last night's final episode of season 2  For those who don't watch, just read the summary above. That covers the major "common knowledge" events. :)

5. There will be spoilers for any avid watchers or readers out there. You can and potentially will, run into GoT characters and can kill them (or be killed by them in turn). I will follow the flow of the books for the most part, but of course (!) you will carve out your own destinies, and make the world and its events, your own. Ok, that may have been bit dramatic. You are not kings and queens, so your adventures may begin as minor and on the periphery of events. At least at first...(evil laugh)

6. Don't remember 6 right now.

Rheyna, Odrin Tostro, Kat

The road south-east from Barrowton was no road at all, but simply a well-trod thoroughfare. Occasionally the three travelers would come across other men and women, most of them in a hurry. Few gave pause or more than a side-ways glance to the burly axe-man and the two young women.

“Squid!” one old woman murmured in their direction, as she passed atop her ox-drawn wagon, and pointed a sausage-like finger in the direction she came from. The same direction Odrin Tostro, Rheyna and Kat were now heading.

Odrin was not sure what that meant but it sounded ominous enough. He paused as the old woman passed, and scratched at his stubbly chin, which he usually kept clean-shaven.

The Sun was setting behind them now, and soon they would need to find shelter. They were two days out from Barrowton. The terrain around them was depressing. Flat, with occasional rills and rocky mounds and pits, treacherous for horse-back riding.

Horses. They could certainly use three of them, Odrin thought, yet all his coin (given to him by the Bearded Priests) was used to free the young thief from Gaol.

He sighed and looked at his new charges. The two women were whispering something between themselves and Rheyna managed a giggle.

What now? Where to? Why were my orders so vague, the giant thought. Serve, Obey, Protect.

A few hours later it was nearly dusk. Another thought crossed his mind. Most of the travelers seemed to be heading in the opposite direction. North and west, back to Barrowton.

Danger ahead?

Odrin knew that Westeros was currently plagued by a great war, with various factions battling for something called the Iron Throne. How would he keep this girl safe?
Where should he take her?

His thoughts were interrupted by the cawing of crows, and up ahead he could see a swarm of the black birds, eviscerating the rotting carcass of a horse.

Katrina turned and gestured toward the dead horse up ahead, wrinkling her nose in disgust, "An unwelcome site so late in the eve." Averting her gaze from the gruesome sight she stared up at the last tendrils of dusk vanishing from the sky, her thoughts drifting back to earlier as a realization came to her.

"The old woman's mention of squid, it could be a reference to house Greyjoy given their sigil?" She let the suggestion hang in the air between the three of them, pulling her cloak tighter against the onset of the nights dampness.

Korley "Lannister" Hill

He crossed the Mander at Bitterbridge and made his way east, passing many battle-ravaged villages and thorpes. Long had he traveled from Casterly Rock, and soon he would arrive at King’s Landing. Though the journey was fraught with danger—all manner of enemies about—his trip was uneventful. Bastard would outrun any trouble (in numbers), and he feared no bandits or lone bravos.

Once, he had to slap some old man across the face with the flat of his blade, but that was deserved. The withered loon had spat at him, and made a rather rude gesture, in a random village Korley passed on his way.

Korley had a grin on his face most of the week’s long ride. He thirsted for glory, for battle, and for the fine women of King’s Landing. He yearned to meet his half-cousin, the Kingslayer, the only swordsman Korley conceded was better than him in all the realms. Even more, he yearned to meet Cersei. He had heard the whispers, all Lannisters had, maybe he could have a turn. But most of all, he was looking forward to meeting his father’s brother again, the indomitable Lord Tywin. Whatever Tywin wanted of him, Korley knew this was his chance to shine in front of his fellow lions.

Finally a day or so out of King’s Landing he settled for the night at a large roadside inn, outside the small town of Tumbleton. After giving excruciatingly specific instructions to the stable-hands on how to handle Bastard, Korley entered the inn.

A jolly, fat bard was strumming “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” and a few men (soldiers by the looks of them) were singing along, already deep in their cups. He glanced at the shields along the long-tables. The horse-head of House Bracken, the Roses of House Tyrell, and others he did not recognize.

Good, he thought. Lannister liege-men.

A few scantily clad (if overly fat) wenches were dancing to the bawdy tune as well, and spinning about the inn, avoiding grasping fingers.

Even better, he thought.

Odrin paused to regard her.  "Don't know, miss.  The houses of Westernos are too numerous for this soldier to recall."

Striding forward, he kicked at the horse carcass, sending the crows shrieking away in protest.  It was fresh, he noted to himself.  Discarded perhaps by a hasty messenger?

Uneasy, Odrin turned back to his young charge and her companion.  "We should seek shelter, mistress.  It won't do to be near the road at nightfall."



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