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Fell in love with new IDE

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Happy clap. Sublime Text Beta 3

I am such a slut.

New favorite (mostly because it is shiny but has some super cool features) is adobe's brackets.

Been having motivation issues lately so decided to try a new toy, which usually cheers me up.

Thought it would be halfass and not as polished as sublime......but now......sublime looks like it has been languishing. Inline CSS editing through a pop-up style editing block of the chosen css. Awesome! Has everything else I love about sublime to include code overview and multiple cursors. Oh, plus live autoupdating chrome browser view without having to install grunt or other type watchers. Themes are awesome too. Lots of extensions.

Love it. Getting back into the working groove.

Ancient Gamer:
Another toy: https://atom.io

So many choices! That fell off my radar and totally forgot about it.

Queued for next slump. For now sticking with brackets just because it is already setup and ready to give it a real try.

Thanks for pointing me to this one AG!!



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