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It's been a long time since I last traversed these halls.

My life has settled into place, school, university, wife :)

I consider myself to have matured, out of the stroppy teenager faze, and into the cold harsh domain known unto us as reality!

My university had a collection of RPG (dice and paper, naturally) groups, two of which I liked and was active in. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A source of fun, mostly inebriated, yet still fun source of inebriated funny sources.. That makes no sense!

And lest we forget, that spark! Creation? Umm.. Inspiration!

I hope I'm able to contribute again. Looking back through my old stuff, I shudder, ghastly stuff!

Well, to cut a long story short, i'm happy I remembered that this place existed!

Off Topic: I can't believe I spelt phase; faze *facepalm*

Welcome back chilled!!

Welcome back.


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