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The not so-dreaded monster of the deep

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I have an idea for a dangerous and monstrous looking type of sea-monster that is regarded as being a dangerous beast that preys on human flesh. The truth is more prosaic. It is a fairly harmless creature that actually preys on fish and other small aquatic animals. What's more, it also reduces the population of more aesthetically pleasing    but also infinitely  more dangerous types of ocean dwelling denizens like certain types of  mermaids by preying on their young or eggs. It has been persecuted horrifically because of its reputation and is close to extinction in most waters where it once existed.   What's more, it is also slaughtered  because some of its organs are supposed to be valuable in certain types of potions. Is this something that anyone would care to read? Thanks.

Misunderstood creatures always make for good reading. Carry on, Mag!

Is it a shark?


--- Quote from: Forganthus on June 04, 2012, 10:27:09 PM ---Is it a shark?

--- End quote ---

More of a slimy, squid-like thing actually, expect that it also has some amphibian physiology.

Cheka Man:
I like it.


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