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Mustering the courage..


..To introduce myself!

Long time lurker around these parts. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the content on this site. But never really thought about joining until I wanted to start adding my own content. So, here I am.

Now to update my profile.

I hope I can brings something to the table.

Mainly a writer, although I would love to start a roleplay at some point, or maybe join one. I've never had the opportunity to do so before. It's not a very popular thing it seems.

Welcome D... anything you have to contribute I'm sure will be great. Need help with a sub just ask there are plenty of people here willing to throw down some creative assistance.

Welcome Dionysus, to the Citadel :D

Always great to see new blood that contributes to our impressive collection of ideas!  :up:

Looking forward to your subs, (which I'll be reading and commenting on shortly) and feel free to give a shout or toss me a pm if you need help with anything.

Welcome home!  8)

Thank you all for your warm welcomes :)

Are there any roleplays open at present?


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