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Because AuR seems to have stalled out yet again, I'm going to go ahead and try to start a new RP.  Sharing the premise of the Emberverse series by SM Stirling, the RP will be set 394 years after the End, in a world that has been stripped of all it's technologic ability and turned into a generic-ish sword and sorcery setting.  I'm, of course, looking for players. :D

Trailer type thingy:
At approximately 9:37 PM (Central Standard) on the 20th of December 2012 all technology ceased to function causing the die off of nearly 99% of the human population.  To add insult to injury magic returned (or came, or was found; scholars spend lifetimes arguing about points like this...) causing at least 3 more deaths.  Over the next centuries humanity adapted, and returned to its war like ways.  Warlords sought to craft empires out of the rotting corpse of the old world; kingdoms and empires rose and fell in blood and fire.  Mages secluded themselves in towers or wandered the earth and took up a thousand other lifestyles to study their Art, and people forgot all but whispered tales of the glories of the Old Times.  Of course, not everything is sunshine and happiness though, magic power gathered around the places where a great number of deaths happened during the change, warping those things that live there into monsters.

Character stuff - Send me a draft via PM
Attributes (Roll 7d10, drop the lower 2 and assign however you feel like)
Strength: Melee damage and carrying stuff
Constitution: Health and generally not dying
Dexterity: Initiative and not getting hit
Intelligence: Subtract 5 and add result to number of generic skills (If you have less than 5 in intelligence, you get less than your base skills)
Willpower: Magic and health
Skills (You can take more than 1 level in a skill, though don't put any higher than 3 at character creation.  Increased level makes you more proficient.  It's probably a good idea to have at least your most important skill at 2)
Weapon Skills (Sword, Spear, Ax, Unarmed, Bench, etc...)
Warrior - 4
Thief - 3 (No heavy weapons)
Cleric - 2
Mage - 1 (No heavy weapons)
General Skills (Riding, Healing Magic, Stealth, Climbing, Fire Dancing, First Aid, Void-weaving, Necromancy, Juggling, etc...)
Warrior - 5 (No magic)
Thief - 6 (No magic)
Cleric - 7
Mage - 8
(Cleric/Mage can take multiple magical skills.)

I'd play, given the fact that a lack of AuR means a lack of forum RP for me too.

Only thing that boggles me: the setting.
Basically, as it stands, unless excessive amounts of handwavium are used, the tech failure necessitates a profound change in how chemistry and physics work.
How much is lost? Does basic metallurgy still function? Distillery? Does wood still burn?
Or did all physical, chemical and biological equations simply suddenly begin to include some magical constants and variables, to which living organisms adapted instantaneously (otherwise, everything would have died) and to which tech did not adapt? (this would make an eventual re-emergence of thaumatech possible, if magic can be quantified, studied in a scientific way, and finally formulated in laws very much like those of physics)

Echo... Why?  You're thinking too much into this :P

But, because you asked, I'll make stuff up for you.  The gods decided that man was getting uppity again, so they created a new god: Immadestroytechnologyforeverandever. I35's job is to step in whenever humans try to use any of those electromechoradiochemical creations of theirs.  So, gasoline still goes *whoosh* at least until you try to use it in an internal combustion engine, at which point it goes *sputter, sputter, die*.  Lightning still happens, but if someone were to try to use a dynamo to run a flashlight (or a Tesla style deathray) no matter how much work you put into it, you won't get enough electricity to actually make light.  You can still distill alcohol, but you can't use that 99.5% ethanol you just made to run a car.  I35 would presumably stop thaumatech as well, though I haven't given that much thought to that.  Why did the gods do this? No one knows, though the general opinion is that it's because gods are illogical and mean.

Does that answer your question? :D

I like my stuff internally consistent, with a working logic.
Basically, this setting's premise puts the player on very uncertain footing, which would (in my case for sure) curb my adventurousness.

So... nope, my question isn't answered :D

Edit: now it is.

Echo on board.

I'm in.


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