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AJAX is encroaching


That probably envoked fear in a few of you but I am using it nicely...I think. It started out very painfully but I more or less figured it out.

Currently the upvoting of comments no longer requires a reload. I always thought that was incredibly annoying.

Soon to be implemented: HoH, Golden and eventually commenting and voting and anything else that makes sense.

As before, it will degrade nicely. If javascript is disabled you just get to do it the old fashioned way.

Ok, voting hasn't broken yet so that is way cool!

I just got the commenting and voting done and was able to do a bunch of successful tests on. It should correctly update the comment, main vote rating (both of them), vote count and comment count. I took out the editing crap on the update but if you need to mess with it, just refresh the page and all the comment details will be there. I didn't feel the complication of doing that portion was necessary for what it is.

I like it!

Voted 3 times today, still have 19 votes....

This is nice. It kind of surprised me when I didn't have to wait for the page to reload and scroll back down again; definitely a plus.

I don't think it updated my number of votes available at the top of the page until I clicked on a link, though.

Mystic, I can get those to be updated. Didn't think of them when I was doing the initial updates but will fix that too.

Val, I reset it a ton of times last night, hoping your votes just got reset when I was trying to fix the cron job. Let me know if that continues.


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