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Clean up of Timeline

--- Quote from: Politics ---Colonization of Solar System
Due to the exponential increase in populations on Earth, mankind began settling (and terraforming where possible) the various planets, planetoids, satellites, rocks, space debris, and basically anywhere there was room in the solar system.  Space travel became inexpensive and trade between Earth and the Colonies flourished.

The Lunar Rebellion
Fed up with being governed from afar by their various parent governments, the colonies of Luna united under the banner of the United Lunar Federation and declared independence from Earth.  During the following conflict, numerous other colonies did likewise and Earth's hold as political master of the system was shattered.  In the aftermath Earth remained a cultural and economic juggernaut, but its direct political control of the colonies was over.

The Second Diaspora
With the perfection of the blink drive, humanity took to the galaxy at large.  Within a decade the Metzi limit had been found and thoroughly mapped.

A third, and final, world war breaks out on Earth.  Nearly a third of the population dies as a direct result of the conflict, with an additional fifth dying in the aftermath as a result of famine and plague.  From the ashes rises the United Terran Confederacy, the one world government some had been dreaming of for centuries.

The Lunar Succession Crisis gives the UTC a justification to send troops to its satellite, ostensibly on a peace keeping mission.  Within a decade Luna has been admitted to the UTC.  The UTC public, spurred on by firebrands and the belief that humanity should rightly be under control of the mother world, calls for the annexation of all the colonies in the solar system.  The rest of the galaxy watches as Sol is united, for the first time, under a single government.

The UTC  central government calls for delegates from all member colonies to help write a new constitution, in order to prevent the excesses of the First Diaspora leading up to the Lunar Rebellion.  Members are given certain constitutional protections from the central government and a small degree of autonomy, while the UTC is renamed the United System Alliance.

Public opinion and greed drive the USA leadership to begin annexing extrasolar colonies, in response to this show of "naked aggression" the Centauri Convention is held, where roughly a third of the extrasolar governments sign a collective defense pact in hopes of preventing further Terran expansion.

The Great War
Following an attack on a Pact-State by the USA, known space is torn asunder by war.  The hostilities lasted for nearly 30 years and were responsible for reducing the population of the galaxy by nearly 20%.  The Armistice ended open warfare, though officially the war is still ongoing.

The Shadow War
Following the cessation of hostilities, the CP and USA governments continued to try to one up each other.  The two governments regularly engage in propaganda, espionage, assassinations, letters of marque, the funding of "freedom fighters" in the others territory, and proxy wars in unaligned worlds in their continued struggle to destroy the other.
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More on non-politics and dates at a later date.


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