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The Day the Citadel Stood Still

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It was told in dreams and by soothsayers for over a decade. The Travelers of Isgoth had been heralding the day and searching for The Master who was foretold. There were many that doubted and persecuted The Travelers, the Apocryphal Cult of Fluph and the followers of Doubting Titer to name two. But the day of 600 at the hour of 30000 settled around us and The Master descended upon the Citadel in deathly silence. His rising, the pinnacle of all that is Strolenati, was predicted to be a time of great upheaval and dangers yet untold. However, there was no cataclysmic event to draw attention. No fan fare or parade. Quietly, oh so quietly, the Citadel's steam driven gears in the bowels of the city ground to a halt with barely a noticeable murmur. The Master's presence halted the daily churning of The Mechanism and time effectively stopped.

The Strolenati exhaled a confused sigh as things that were taken for granted, the replacement of votes, the increase in skill and the changing of the random submissions, suddenly came to a sudden halt. There was no obvious, outside sign of why, it just was, and they were confused and cowered in fear.

The Master slowly walked the quiet cobblestone walkways of the silent Citadel and noticed the quiet and was not satisfied, "Time must continue! Why are there no updates?"

His thought manifested into action. Hammering, random escaping steam and the sound of wooden shoes running to and fro suddenly blossomed. Those that maintain the inner sanctum of the Citadel and keep it well oiled bolted into action after being paralyzed by their previous confusion. Upon looking at the machinery, all was well and everything was in order. There was no reason for everything to stop so suddenly!

Upon looking at the ciphers and traveling the tubes they finally found, and translated, some ancient script set down before the time of the Citadel. There it was. The sign that The Master had arrived. All they had known and held sacred had changed. New gears and extra shafts had to be dug and created and other parts worked and molded to fit the new times. For with the coming of The Master a whole new era was upon us.

The machine started turning again.

The coincidence was too much. Scrasamax cocked his head to the side in realization, "I am the Master."


Nobody had ever reached level 20 before and, because there was no level 21, the way I wrote the script didn't have a next level to check it against and so went into an infinite loop.  So every night the server would chug into infinity until it choked and killed the script. That was also the reason I had some much trouble figuring it out. Everything looked like it should be working fine, and it kinda was. So, 3 days later, I finally came to the realization, The Master had arrived. Good news is that if Scras hits level 21 it will all happen again. :)

Congrats to Scrasamax for reaching the max level of the Citadel.

Although I had to add another level in order to keep the site working.

Congrats Scras, deserving of the first...

And I am greatly pleased

Congratulations Scrasamax!!

Have a cookie :)

In honor of this achievement, some variation of "Scrasamax" should be made into a verb....

Scras (v) - (1.) To achieve the pinnacle of greatness. (2.) To overwhelm others with awe. (3.) To boldly go where no man has gone before.


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