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The Call of Captain-thulhu

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Ria Hawk:
Hmm... it may have been 8-bit Theater that got him started.  It seems like he hasn't been the same since we steered him over that way...

No, acturly, 8-Bit Theater only sparked it. My eccentricities are like the oil wells beneath the Middle East; They are mostly untapped. Without something to spark my weirdness, I'm quite quiet, calm, introverted, and innoffensive.

Hmm... I think 8-bit Theater is silly.

At least the first hundred strips... let's see the others! :wink:

Thanks for the link, hope I don't get weirder this way too...  :roll:  :shock:  :?  :wink:  :lol:

I'm afraid there's small hope of that. The charaters stay preety consistant through out the whole thing.

I'm very afraid of being crushed to death between a bison and Larry Flint.
Very, very, very afraid.
If I were ever on a field with a bison and Larry Flint, I might just kill myself.


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